Monday, June 13, 2016

Anything but Muslim

In which we find out anything and everything about the Orlando shooter that has nothing to do with his religion.  We should find out about his past, his violence, his mental stability, his racism, sexism, homophobia, crime record, pets, favorite foods, video game preferences, sports heroes, favorite clothes, where he was on August 13, 2002, the grades he got in 4th grade math, where he worked, if he owned a riding lawnmower, if he wrote 7s with that annoying line through the center, if he went to college, if  he ever visited Minneapolis - basically anything but his links to ISIS and Islam.  If that is all that is left and seems to be the main source of the problem, then expect the story to be over within a week.

Gun control, of course, is as good as always.  The Left has a yearning for controlling things, and guns are just one of many things that the Left sees in its dossier of regulated activities.  Exploiting the death of innocents, with a strong dosage of self imposed stupidity, will help the gun control flank of the Big Brother dream of modern liberalism.

Otherwise, like all things in the Church of Washington, politics must prevail and become the dominant concern.  Politics, not religion, is the source and summit of our redemption.  Even now, Catholics will join in and mock the idea of prayer as efficacious when set against the true gospel of liberalism.  And again, if all that is left are ties to Islam and junior varsity terrorist groups, assume that next week at this time we'll be hearing all about Trump, or Trump, or possibly Justin Bieber.  You know, the important things.

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