Thursday, June 9, 2016

What the Church teaches

Is not that "Drunk chicks have it coming.'   It teaches that chicks shouldn't get drunk in the first place.  There is an entire, and I mean big, section of the Catholic Church in America that dabbles its feet in the Sex and Drugs culture in which we live.  No, they don't condone actual penetration or anything.  But when it comes to our modern era, they are much happier cozying up to the sex and drugs and pseudo-porn of the modern era than being stuck with old stereotypes of Ozzie and Harriet.

At different times, and often inconsistently, they might draw a line and say that's enough.  But again and again, the approach seems to concede a host of premises brought out by our post-Christian, hedonistic society.  Somehow they act as if all of the disastrous outcomes we see in this culture are incidental, or just bad luck, or have nothing to do with our culture's hedonism and narcissism.

No, a 'drunk chick' does not deserve to be raped.  But she shouldn't be drunk either.  As soon as we act like one is OK, we're inviting a culture that will no doubt begin to toy with the thought that the other is OK just the same.  It's best to make noise about the whole teaching of the Church, no matter what the surrounding culture has to say.  The whole teaching of the Church.  Not just the part that tickles our fancies.

How do I relate to myself?
″Have I used profane or crude language?
Have I abused alcohol to the point of drunkenness?
From Preparing to Celebrate the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation—the Examination of Conscience by Rev. Timothy D. Hedrick  (emphasis mine) 


  1. Anthony Esolen wrote a great article about this in January of '15:

    He takes recent stories of the time and shows how people are having the wrong conversations. A great read. Terrifying, but a great read.


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