Thursday, June 30, 2016

Patheos Ho!

Yep, I'm moving to Patheos!  I know, some might question my decision.  Here's the thing.  I am picked up by several great websites and blogs.  That helped boost my page visits exponentially.  Over the last couple months, my page views literally compounded day by day.  They are, however, mostly within the confines of the Catholic blogosphere.

Not that this is a bad thing.  I'm thrilled that people who seem to have infinitely more to say, and who say it better than me, seem to think my posts have some value.  I hope they continue to visit and comment.  It's just that old Baptist gene in me that wants to look at the fields that are ripe for harvest.  I want to get out to some who aren't Catholic - who aren't Christian - and possibly stir up a conversation or two.  Which is usually what my blog is about.  Not so much declaring the infallible Truth of God from on high, but simply throwing an observation out here or there and seeing if anyone has a better idea.  I've also visited Patheos quite a few times over the years, and there are some fine blogs and contributors there - Catholic, Christian in general and otherwise, even if they might be overshadowed be a few louder voices.

The idea was floated to me some time ago.  I've kicked it around for a few months.  With the increase in visits and readers over the last year, I now have what it takes to make the leap.  I need to maintain my current level of visits, or hopefully increase them.  With the current sites, plus a new audience who might not otherwise visit me, I think I can do that. I think links to my site should still work, though checking them might be worth while.  Things like my blog name and Google search shouldn't change.

I appreciate all who have stuck with me all these years.  A special shout out to Nate Winchester who has endured my amateur economic observations and stuck by, even when life caused me to drop off the blogging for a while.  And a special thanks to Donald McClarey, whose posting and links to my blog seemed to open up my little corner of the Net to a whole new level of awesome websites and bloggers.

Again, it should be the same name, blog, content and hopefully the same basic way of finding me.  It's a little more official, so I'll have to behave myself and tighten up my content a little.  Don't expect the pictures and cartoonish (and often inside humor) images.  Heck, I might actually edit my posts now before I hit submit (usually my editing consists of typing off of my head and hitting spell check)!  There is some paperwork to do (yeah, paperwork, imagine that).  It should be up and running soon, if not now.  I'm rather novice at these things.  Again, thanks so much for the prayers, the patience, the encouragement, the feedback and insights, and prayerfully we'll keep going and take things to the next level.

Don't worry about me being swayed or changed, BTW.  I'm not so easy to influence.  :)

UPDATE:  It's up and running.  This is the link to the new site.  Hopefully it will work for all who have linked to me.

UPDATE II: You might have to update your links, I don't know.  I'll keep an eye on things.  I have my schedule, but the ones who help with tech stuff have theirs.


  1. Well done, sir! I am quite jealous.

  2. Thanks. I'm sure there is room for others if they let me in! Hopefully the links will work (that's my only big concern)

  3. Congrats! I'll update my blog roll.
    In other good news...I received a book contract for a book manuscript I wrote based on my blog "Two Catholic Men & and Blog". Should be out this summer. I'd appreciate a shameless plug once it's out. It's not so much for me; I'm discerning giving 100% of the royalties to a Catholic charity or religious order. I'll let you know.

  4. Awesome news about the book! I'm fine with shameless plugs. Let me know when and how and I"ll make sure to drop a few posts. Also, if there are any linking issues with my blog, please let me know.

  5. Congratulations David!

    You certainly came to my attention because of Don over at The American Catholic.

    Keep up the good work and don't let detractors and trolls spoil your joy in evangelizing the Word of God!

    Nate Winchester,

    Are there other blogs that you visit? I'm curious to know what you read so I can link to them on

    Thanks brother!


    Maybe you and I can work together again?


    In Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,



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