Monday, June 6, 2016

So veterans are not stupid after all

You never know what you'll find out.  It turns out that veterans, including the head of the VFW, were none too happy about President Obama's suggestion that they are merely duped by conservative media, which accounts for their inexplicable failure to fall in lockstep behind him and his policies.

I realize that the old 'conservatives are dumb, liberals are awesomely smart' meme is a handy way of giving yourself and edge in an argument.  It works in a sympathetic culture that is willing to accept the ludicrous for convenience sake.

The thing about propaganda is, however, knowing when to remember it's all propaganda.  You have to remember that all non-liberals, or those who dare think outside of liberal demands, might actually be smart.  Or at least not dumb.  Or not brain dead zombies who only go to the bathroom when stupid conservative media says so.

Because it is such an ongoing meme, however, and it is pounded on day after day, it's easy to remember it's a ruse and a slick way of winning arguments and advancing agendas.  Sometimes those who live off of the little trick can, occasionally, fall into the trap of actually believing it.  So we have Obama being reminded that while such rhetoric works in the trenches of liberal media, liberal blogs, liberal websites, and is best used when preaching to the choir, it has its drawbacks.  Especially when applying it in sweeping terms to an entire people group like veterans.

Lesson learned.  Or at least, we'll see if it is lesson learned.

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