Friday, June 17, 2016

President Obama on why words like Islamic Terrorist do not matter

Can be seen here:

Oh, I'm sorry.  That was a 2008 speech in which Obama, among other things, insisted that words like 'hope' matter when it comes to leading America, because words do matter.  Here we go:

Note, by the way, the multiple false premises he uses.  Nobody is saying we can't defeat evil if we are afraid to call it what it is or use certain words.  We're saying it's a lot tougher to do without naming the evil, especially if you need to rally people around a cause or get everyone to come together to defeat the evil.  Which is why most Democrats and liberal activists are clear when they call out Conservative Christians and the NRA.  They understand the power of words and identifying the enemy.  

Obviously nobody would criticize Obama's 2016 notion that words like Islamic terrorists don't matter more than 2008 Obama, who clearly was indignant over this laughable notion that words don't matter.  Then again we are dealing with liberalism.  As I've said before, the most powerful weapon in the Leftist arsenal is the ability to declare anything to be yesterday's truth.

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