Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What awaits the compromise with the Secular Left

Is best seen in that nation up north.  Canada is, for many Americans, a veritable paradise.  Especially because it is cutting edge radical left and moving to enforce those liberal values with the strong arm of the law.  So we have a religion teacher in a Catholic school being relieved because, according to this story, he told his class that homosexuals can't sexually reproduce and, besides, homosexual marriage is against Catholic teaching.

Since this is Canada, and not the United States (at this point), he was dismissed.  Not that he wouldn't be dismissed in some parochial schools in the US.  And not that a growing number of liberals and post-Christian activists haven't attempted to force religious institutions to conform to the liberal dogmas.  But right now, it happens in Canada with growing ease.  Americans who still value freedom and liberty be warned.  Compromise will not do.  It will take more than compromise.

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