Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Dallas Morning News

Steps in and reminds us what liberal tolerance is all about.  In an editorial by Mac McCann, who was raised Catholic, we're reminded that with liberalism, there is conformity.  And that's it.  Conform.  99.9% conformity will not suffice.  You must conform 100%.  Until the Church is dismantled and rebuilt in the image of the heresy of theological liberalism, and Catholics apostatize and convert to the religion of liberalism, there is simply no tolerance.   Sure, there is some appreciation for Pope Francis and other Catholics who are calling out the Church and its members on the issue of homosexuality and the Church's wickedness toward those with same sex attraction.  But again, there is no tolerance where there is no obedience.

And for reasons I'm not quite sure about, our modern society seems to accept that as a valid definition of tolerance and diversity.  Go figure.  

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