Saturday, June 25, 2016

Getting to know the modern unpeople

Who are these modern unpeople?  Increasingly they are those people whose lives and testimonies do not validate the Leftist narrative.  So, for example, they are the other 24,000 Americans who are murdered or commit suicide each year, but not by gunfire.  Thus you never hear about them.  Some people are actually shocked to hear that statistic.  They have heard the 33,000 figure so often they just assume that those are the only fatalities through violence we have in a year.  These are some of the unpeople.  They are the three people murdered by knife that nobody talked about while we heard about nothing other than the other three people murdered by the same man, but with a gun.

But it's more than that.  The modern unperson is anyone and everyone whose life, existence, experiences, viewpoints, demographics, values, beliefs or suffering doesn't help that precious narrative.

So the woman who is pro-life, or worse, thinks it might not have been a good idea for women to rush into the workplace and leave their children to be raised by the state.  How often do you hear about her?  It's the families of 9/11 victims who thought Bush was right.  It's the African American who votes Republican, or who acknowledges that segregation was terrible, but it's over now and time to move on.  It's the same African American who thinks not all Southerners are racist or that not everyone in the Confederacy needs to be lumped together.  Again, how often is he a guest commentator on liberal news outlets?

It can be the person with same sex attraction who speaks of being cured, or at least bears witness to a life joined with a member of the opposite sex in marriage and living a fulfilled life.  It can be the Native American who doesn't care about the Washington Redskins, or the Muslim who is not a terrorist but who nonetheless believes all the world must submit to the rule of Allah.

In short, it is anyone who can't be used to advance liberalism.  It is everyone who can do anything in the world short of end death and taxes, and they will simply be ignored unless they bear witness to the Left.  So, for purposes of this post, we are looking at those unpeople who have used firearms to thwart violent, potentially horrific, crimes.  Of course it happens all the time.  The more I speak to people, the more stories I hear about someone who foiled a crime or rescued a victim because the individual was armed.  Or, sometimes, I hear from the potential victims who were rescued by an armed civilian.  I've mentioned two instances I know of before.

Sure, it can be dangerous.  And I'm all for training or other measures to ensure that people so armed know what they are doing.  But I'm stunned by how many people, people who should know better, people I fear do know better, act as if there is no such thing as a person who stopped a crime with a gun.  I've seen people say it's a lie.  Really?  In the history of our nation, among the 300 million people alive today, you don't think there's a single case where someone might have used a gun to save the innocent?

Apparently not.  Apparently they are so deep into the tank of their same-think they really believe there is nothing in the world that could exist to suggest they're wrong.  Or, dare I say, suggest the narrative of the Left might be less than perfect.  Instead of admitting it, and then stepping forward with this or that tweak to make things better, they act as if there is no such thing.  Exploiting the fact that crimes prevented are often crimes never reported, they have stats on their side.  And rather than admit their own narratives could be wrong by virtue of witnesses and testimonies, they once again invoke their inner Orwell and decide to take another step toward living up to his dystopian vision.  They simply act as if such people, such examples, such heroics and bravery don't exist.

For a good take down, read this article.  John R. Lott, Jr. at the National Review unpacks the facts, lists some examples, and brings out of the closet an entire swath of our population that the Left would desperately like  to keep in the closet until the end of time.

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