Friday, June 24, 2016

In other news, US Bishops are shocked the Obama administration upholds limits on Religious Liberty

That's right, the Bishops have said that it's shocking the Obama administration refused to go after California for mandating abortion coverage.  For reasons not quite clear to your humble host, the Bishops continue to embrace almost every policy ideal, strategy, and narrative of the liberal Democratic party, and yet are gobsmacked when the Left turns against them.

And furthermore, they seem to trust Obama and his administration in so many areas like immigration, health care, gun control, economic regulations, civil rights, and just about everything that doesn't include issues below the waste line.  Meanwhile, the Obama administration can keep on shooting fish in a barrel when it comes to advancing its agendas with the Catholic Seal of Approval.  Even now, while the Obama administration makes it clear it's all about imposing liberalism on the rights of religion, the Church in other areas falls behind and cheers on the administration in areas like immigration and gun control, believing that Obama can only be honest and straightforward in those areas.

Exactly at what point is face palm a valid reaction?  Either the Bishops are incredibly naive (polite word there), or they subscribe the the post-modern Golden Rule of 'Screw unto others as long as you don't screw unto us.'  The problem with that, of course, is that by giving the government the right to shaft all those other not-us type of people, we empower the same government to eventually turn the screws on us.

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