Thursday, June 9, 2016

Good for him

Sander blasphemes the media narrative by suggesting he won't cave and bow before the altar of Hillary.  You know, I'd almost be willing to vote for Bernie at this point, just to spite the media.  After the most flagrant case of coordinated falsehood in order to advance an agenda that I've ever seen in my lifetime, the media deserves to have its pet candidate defeated.  Especially when that candidate shouldn't be within a hundred miles of the winner's circle to begin with.

I know that technically, with the Super Delegates, Hillary finally clinched the nomination.  Technically, if you count the Super Delegates, it wasn't a lie.  Though Tuesday's primaries didn't make a shred bit of difference, the Super Delegates still rank as the key weapon in the Clinton arsenal.  But that's the rub.  The whole Super Delegate practice has seemed corrupt from the begining of the season.  And the reason why the Super Delegates are an issue is because of New Hampshire.

Hillary has been the media's default pick since 2008.  Not that the media loves the Clintons.  It doesn't.  Because of the joke that the Clintons turned the media into during the 90s, there are plenty who would rather have someone else.  Hence Barrack Obama.  And it was clear that the media preferred Joe Biden.  When it seemed Biden might run, that was when you heard all sorts of stories about Hillary's myriad scandals and controversies.

When he declined, however, that left them with Hillary.  And as the press continued to push Trump into the spotlight, it seemed Hillary would be enough to win.  Especially since Hillary is a Type, and that Type can be exploited in order to suppress opposition.  By Type, I mean she is a woman, not merely a person.  Therefore, just as race was shamelessly exploited and stoked to defend Obama, sex (or gender) will be treated the same way with Hillary.  And by focusing on Trump's poor reputation with women, that will only help Hillary as the brave new woman breaking all boundaries and defeating evil sexism wherever she finds it.

That's why, once Biden was out, it was Clinton all the way.  The problem was Sanders.  Why not Sanders?  He espouses ideals that the media loves.  First, because he was not a Democrat.  Not that the press is loyal to the Democrats, but they see a good thing in a solid party that is pushing the same agendas as the media.  Not that Sanders would hurt the party, but he might not help it, and he could possibly fail to get in line, such as with his less than totalitarian approach to gun control.

Also, Sanders is radical sans details.  Sure people love him.  Free everything!  Use the government to destroy all those people over there!  Revolution!  That sounds good.  Just like Trump's ramblings and rantings sound good to a part of the population.  But when pressed, Sanders hasn't been able to account for how he will pay for things or make them happen.  Also, Sanders is radical culture of death.  While most Americans allow for some abortion, most oppose radical abortion practices.  Sanders has been ahead of almost every politician when it comes to promoting the extreme culture of death.  The only thing I don't know about is his stance on euthanasia.  Everything else is extreme.  And the media knows this might hurt in the end.

Finally, Sanders is popular with the youth.  This is mostly because of Free College!  Free Healthcare!  Legal drugs and sex!  And, based on the Pew poll, using the government to crush all those baddies over there might be a feather in his cap.  But the youth vote is notoriously unreliable.  Come November, more often than not, those same youth will stay home and pull the covers up rather than take time to vote.

So it was Hillary all along.  And yet in Iowa she barely squeaked by.  I think she won by half a vote.  Then in New Hampshire, Bernie crushed her.  It was a massive victory, an electoral Agincourt.  That's when the Super Delegate decided, in the wake of Bernie's decisive victory, to vote for Hillary!  Which is why the whole process has stunk from the beginning.  From then on, the press simply repeated the same thing: Hillary will win.  When Sanders shocked everyone with stunning victories or by winning states that the polls said he would lose?  The press repeated the same thing: Hillary will win.  When Sanders has a string of primary victories and one poll after another showed that he alone could easily defeat Trump?  The press repeated the same thing: Hillary will win.

That's why I could see voting for Bernie, if for no other reason than to undermine the fastest growing threat to America's liberty and freedom: The New Media.  

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