Thursday, June 23, 2016

Donald Trump's speech

The one he gave yesterday that has been eviscerated by the media as, armed with tweezers and a microscope, journalists set out to find anything and everything that is wrong with what he said.*  Nonetheless, he laid out a strong case against Hillary Clinton, which isn't hard to do.  The fact that you have Donald Trump, one of the most disastrously unelectable candidates in political history, barely outside the margin of error shows that you have serious problems if you're Clinton.  Donald McClarey unpacks the speech and some good observations to go along with it.  

*It's worth noting that the three articles on fact checking Trump were the top three results I got when I Google Searched "Fact Checking Hillary".  Again, it's not like the media is biased or anything.


  1. Dave, I too have found that Google's search algorithms are frequently biased to favor left-wing causes. It, of course, depends on how controversial the topic is. I too frequently get what only can be described as rebuttal results/articles at the top of my search results for key words/phrases that I search by.

    On many controversial issues, the Google algorithms don't provide results that match your search, they provide you with results to rebut your search. It's weird. One of the most used methods today for finding information is biased in favor of one point of view. No wonder so many young people believe what they do . . . even when you search a topic, the first results one frequently sees are results that rebut what you have searched for. If someone is not paying close attention, just doing casual searching, they may not even realize what's going on. It's clever and it's insidious.

  2. Yes, I think the left enjoys a stacked deck, and it's something they've been able to put together over time. When we hear that the majority of Americans support this or that liberal viewpoint, I'm often not as surprised as I am how many still don't. After all, virtually everything that guides our day to day living now is set firmly behind that one view.


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