Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Donald McClarey at The American Catholic unpacks Trump's response to the Supreme Court ruling about Texas' abortion law.  The punchline: Trump hasn't responded.  I realize that the thing we call the "Left" is a massive movement against liberty and freedom.  I realize it is against the historic Christian Faith.  I know it is already fashioning our society to accept censorship, oppression, thought control, and a gradual erosion of protected rights.  I realize that many see another four years of the party most in bed with this movement as all but solidifying the gains it has made in the last 8 to 10 years.

Nonetheless, it should not have been Trump.  The man stands for almost nothing that traditional American Conservative believers stood for.  In many ways, he exemplified almost everything they stood against.  When he does appear conservative, he embodies what are often seen as the worst elements of conservatism: racism, sexism, lust for money.  Not that he necessarily is these things.  And not that every accusation is correct.  But taken as a whole, you have to bend over backwards to the breaking point to think he will be any better than Hillary, at least for traditional, American believers.

The best excuse for supporting him I have heard is that he will accomplish nothing, because he has no clue how to govern.  For four years, nothing more will happen.  He won't do something dumb and cause a war or some horrible international crisis.  He'll just stroll about, rant occasionally, and time will pass. Unfortunately, if that is the case, then he almost assures a victory by that naughty side of the aisle in 2020, especially if things don't get better in our nation.  Perhaps the convention will yield a viable option.  I don't know.  But those who see abortion as a major plank against Hillary and the Democrats, and look to Trump for political salvation, have to be stunned by the sounds of silence coming from Trump's tweets in the wake of a major loss for pro-life causes.

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