Tuesday, June 21, 2016

CDC releases banned gun violence study?

What am I missing?   So I see this story pop up, about the results of a CDC study on gun violence.  It's a conservative site, so the emphasis is on how helpful guns are for deterring crime.  There are some other tidbits touched upon.  Basically not much folks who have followed the issue haven't already heard.

At the same time, I Googled 'CDC study on gun violence' to find corroborating articles, and came up with a string of sites and articles decrying a ban on CDC studies of gun violence.  The one here was just written 10 hours ago.  Am I missing something?  They're saying something that just got published was banned.  Is this a different study?  When they say CDC study, do they mean a different CDC?  Was this not complete enough?

There is so much hyper-partisanship today, so much Super-Narrative jockeying, that it's difficult to tell even something this simple.  What is this study if the CDC study has been banned?  Much less trying to make sense of it.


  1. *checks second link*

    Ok, to be technically fair (and you know how this must be killing me), the 2nd link is talking about a ban on federal funding for gun/health research.

    As usual people seem to believe that if the federal government doesn't fund the science then the science can't happen. Get one of the state governments to do it or start up a kickstarter page like the rest of us that want money.

  2. I missed that since, IMHO, the fact that a CDC study was done not with federal government funding, though apparently still done at the request of President Obama, seemed to me to be good enough. I'd hate to think this is all about spending the Federal funds rather than just doing the research.


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