Sunday, June 26, 2016

A homily worth the read

Courtesy of Archbishop Thomas Wenski.  This is a nice little rebuttal of the disgraceful attempt to avoid the obvious about the Orlando shooter in order to cling to the preconstructed narratives of the modern Left.  He is right about painting all of Islam with broad strokes.  Catholics were none to happy about those who tried to use the priest abuse scandal in order to besmirch the entire Church.  Though attempts to suggest Islam is just Catholicism without the Virgin Mary aren't helpful either.  And I don't think Archbishop Wenski is doing that.  He's simply calling a spade a spade.  We live in an age where anti-Christian persecution is on the rise around the world.  In some places, it takes the form of physical persecution.  In others, such as the Dying West, it is more subtle, but no less threatening.  Read it, you'll be glad to hear the voice of someone not trying to fit the square peg of historic Christianity into the round hole of post-modern heresy and tyranny.

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