Tuesday, June 7, 2016

News media elects Hillary Clinton

In one of the most flagrant cases of media manipulation of the electorate I have ever witnessed, every major national media outlet declared Hillary Clinton to be the official nominee of the Democratic party today, this morning, before polls opened.  This had the desired effect.  Even in states where Sanders was going to be competitive, or even win, he got trounced.  Why not?  If casual observers - and much of the electorate is and will remain casual observers - go by and see the headlines reading 'Clinton now the nominee', then why vote?

Of course it's not full proof.  The media tried the same in 2000 by declaring Florida even before the Florida polls had closed.  But the resulting mess and confusion ended up with a Bush presidency, much to the dismay of the press.  This time, however, it was more coordinated.  Even I had to do a double take when I saw the headlines.  My first reaction was that something had happened, or Sanders had dropped out, or something out of the blue.  Only when I read the stories or listened to the broadcasts did I realize that nothing had changed, and it still all hinged on those precious super-delegates who began flocking to Clinton even after Sanders won the second of two primaries at the beginning of the season.

So well played media!  Just like the Pew study, we see yet another example of how our country is quickly being taken over by forces not the least bit interested in things like democracy, freedom, liberty, honesty, or fairness.  Perhaps our nation has always been this bad.  That is a premise of the Left.  But all the Left can say is that after decades of reform, the most we can say is that we're as bad as the country always was, or perhaps it's not even that good.

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