Friday, June 17, 2016

It is almost like the Orlando shooting had nothing to do with current gun laws

And everything to do with bureaucracies hindered by human frailties and hamstrung by politically correct sensitivities.

I don't know.  What think you?  The more I hear, the more this goes to show that the fabricated media template of Evil Red State/Awesome Blue State is as fictional as the Wizard of Oz.  A man who appears to have been gay himself, opens fire on a gay nightclub almost exclusively filled with Hispanic Americans.  The shooter is reported to have made racist comments.  His gun was purchased legally because he had security credentials as a security guard and was not found guilty by the FBI.  He praised ISIS, and stated he was murdering because of ISIS, which  had recently sent out a generic order to all operatives to kill during Ramadan.

So a potentially gay Muslim extremist with racist tendencies carries out the orders of an Islamic terrorist organization with a gun he legally purchased because he was not guilty of anything that could have hindered a gun purchase since the FBI can't pass information around about people it has investigated but not convicted.  And the one thing that might have raised warning flags was, apparently, ignored.  Hmmm.  It's almost like our first thoughts shouldn't be to push gun control legislation because the real bad guys are Conservative American Christians.

Maybe I'm just missing a subtle clue. But I get the feeling we're entering a new phase where whatever happens will immediately be twisted to advance an agenda, no matter how far away from the agenda the event happens to be.

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