Friday, June 17, 2016

Because of gun control activists

And their ability to join with the typical modern trends of dumbing down society in order to advance their political agendas, there is nothing else left to say:

A stupid, crudely performed partisan comedy routine that isn't as ludicrous as what is really being said by our media, politicians and religious leaders.  It's beyond disturbing.  The idea that we can acknowledge that the US has an overall problem with violence and disregard for human life, discuss how we might make guns and gun ownership safer, and also admit that there is a separate but serious problem with Islamic terrorism seems to be lost on our self congratulating post modern culture.  You know, the culture filled with people with college degrees and access to Wikipedia.

That Christian leaders also appear befuddled, unable to pinpoint anything from the Orlando shooting other than homophobia and guns! is as much a problem as anything.  The godless I can see.  But believers?

What hope does society have when those who should know better join the godless and the pagan in mocking prayer, mocking fellow believers, mocking the idea that a lack of devotion to Christ has anything to do with the problem, and acting like we never even heard of Islam?  Again, I get it if the godless do these things. But this is coming from a growing segment of not just Christians in general, but Catholic in particular.  Sigh.

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