Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Brave Democrats maintain the narrative

By staging a sit in at Capital Hill.  Surrounded by security and air conditioning, they insisted that we must do everything in our power to avoid the stinking obvious about the Orlando attacks, and exploit this issue to ram through gun legislation we've been chomping at for decades.  Note, again, that I'm not saying there is no room for debate about gun regulations and requirements for gun ownership. After all, you can't yell fire in a crowded theater or sacrifice virgins on pagan alters, though we have protected speech and religious freedom.

Of course the big problem here is that those very facts, about the qualifications of our First Amendment rights, are being exploited by a growing segment of the Left essentially arguing against those very rights.  Since we already limit religious freedom or speech, so the argument goes, why not do it more when it comes to things like mandated contraceptive coverage or speech deemed offensive to the right people?  Since no small number of people who are approaching the First Amendment that way seem also to want to approach the Second Amendment that way, it makes sense that gun rights advocates, who also include a healthy dose of traditionalists who value traditional rights under the Constitution, are somewhat leery.

Especially since all of this is in the wake of an Islamic terrorist attack that happened, like several others in the last few years, in a place where the attacker was known, if not liked.  That should, of course, be the main focus.  As should the rise of Islamic terror strikes in the US.  But no.  That violates the liberal narrative.  The important thing is to preserve the narrative, and the second most important thing is to continue down that path of permanently rewriting our concepts of liberty and freedom.

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