Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Benghazi report

Has been released.  Over at The American Catholic, Donald McClarey has started unpacking it all, but admits he hasn't gone through the entire report.  I'm sure once he does, he'll see and understand far more than I could hope to by next year at this time.  Nonetheless, here are a few things he has heard that match some of what I've heard:
  1.  The State Department under Hillary Clinton continually ignored requests for beefed up security for our diplomats in Libya.
  1.  There was no attempt, no attempt, to send any military assets to our men fighting in Benghazi.  They were left on their own.  This, at best, was criminal negligence.
  1. In the four years since the attack, only one of the hundreds of terrorists involved has been brought to justice.  Obama’s pledge that he would seek out and punish the terrorists was empty hot air.
  1. Subsequent to the attack the administration engaged in a conspiracy to mislead the American public by portraying this carefully coordinated terrorist attack as a riot over some anti-Islamic film by an obscure filmmaker.
  1. The Administration has stonewalled the investigation since it commenced.
Naturally that means the official propaganda narrative is that Hillary Clinton has been exonerated, the investigation was a big, partisan waste of time, and Elizabeth Warren is a rock star!  Well, that last part doesn't have much to do with the report, but I lost track of how many times CNN moderators used that term to describe Ms. Warren, so I assume they have to slip it into the coverage somehow. The good news is that we have the beginnings of a mighty swell college drinking game.  Every time someone in the media calls Elizabeth Warren a rock star, take a swig.  You'll be on the floor by 10 AM.

As for the report, the basic lesson seems to be no real big deal.  Four guys died and that's a damn shame, but live and learn as they say.  Hillary was just in charge, so it's not her fault.  And Obama?  Why, his daughter graduated this year. That much I do know.  Certainly nothing to concern ourselves about.  Not like that week long coverage of Marco Rubio's statements about Trump's hands.  Now that was important.

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