Friday, June 17, 2016

Turns out media bias can impact elections

According to this story, where the media 'blackout' appears to have hurt Sanders.  I'm sure Sanders fans, many of whom have mocked the idea that the media has anything to do with Trump's popularity, will be happy to know that the media had something to do with Sanders' loss.

This is a tough sell if you think about it.  After all, especially from those to the left of center, the idea that the media is biased or in any way shapes opinion is often scoffed at.  There is no media bias, unless it is for big business interests.  Besides, Americans aren't influenced by the media.  Except, apparently, when they are.

Remember what I've said about the biggest weapon in the Leftist arsenal?  Yesterday's truth?  The more I look at things through the prism of that observation, the more I realize just how common it is.


  1. The media is trying to control the election. They want to elect the next president rather than letting the people vote. Another blogger posted about the media trying to control the election in Clinton's favor
    Somebody needs to start watching the media. They have all this power and are using it to try and control the county in my view.

  2. I once quipped that we live in a Mediocracy. That was in the 90s. Even then, you got the feeling the media was done with objectivity and was about advancing agendas. I would say in this election cycle, it is almost impossible to deny. And most actually admit it. Unfortunately, the high degree of partisanship leads some to only see it where it impacts them and their candidate, not where it impacts the country as a whole.


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