Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bing or Google?

Donald McClarey points out a glaring difference between the two.  Google is well known for its preference for radical, Marxist inspired anti-Christian and anti-American activists, as well as its reluctance to give a nod to anything close to what most Christians or Americans would think is important.

Bing, about which I know little, apparently has its priorities more in line with what traditional American, and possibly even Christian, citizens might like.  I don't know to be honest.  But I do know Google's track record, and if there was ever an alternative that seemed in the same league, I wouldn't mind switching, even if the alternative didn't necessarily give lip service to my own preferences.  Not supporting ideals directly at odds with and hostile to me and my faith and values is good enough.

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  1. I switched to Bing over a year ago. I preferred Duck Duck Go, but they haven't developed their image search to make it as good as Bing's, which is the best in my opinion.


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