Thursday, June 9, 2016

You know your political campaign should jump the shark

When calling someone 'my African American' is only the second most racially charged statement you made in a week.  I get that some of what Trump says, when stripped of the punditry, the knee-jerk outrage, and the politically driven pitchfork brigade, actually has merit.  Some of it.  Much of it has none at all.  It's because of the latter point that it's so easy to hear his statements in the worst conceivable light.  Called as we are to take statements in their best light, Trump seems hellbent on making that as difficult as possible.


  1. If Republicans lose the US Senate because of Donald Trump, and his minions, we will most surely lose the US Supreme Court, and the rest of the federal judiciary, most likely for a generation or more. Just the thought of it is overwhelmingly depressing. Who would have thought that the greatest country in the history of the world would be reduced to the choice of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to be President and Commander in Chief. What has happened to us? I'm not a drinker, but I may become one (only half-kidding).

  2. Tell me. Like my boys said, Trump is the candidate that the Facebook Generation deserves. That Hillary is the only viable option shows that our nation turned a corner, most likely some years ago.

  3. Yeah, you lost me.

    So the press and politicians can yell "white jury" or "white judge" and say they're biased just because they're white, while a first generation Mexican judge can be associated with an organization called "The Race" and screw a plaintiff in his courtroom and not get called on it. Because????

    Man, I've been reading you for a month or so, but didn't know you were a cuck. You are a completely brainwashed wimp of man. Maybe your balls are under bed, go look for them.

  4. I might be wrong, but it seems you're saying that when the press says white jury or white judge in a negative way, then that is wrong. And I would agree. I would also agree that it is wrong if said about a black jury or judge. Of course it could be OK to look at the differences just the same. Consistency being key. In Trump's case, my meaning is that even if he has a legit point about various issues, his overall canon of gaffes and offensive actions and statements makes it difficult to give him a pass or interpret his statements in the best light. And thus when you take his two statements in the context of other statements he has made in cases where there simply isn't a chance to interpret them in a good way, that comes up two very negative statements, not only harmful to him, but to the reputation of anyone who would defend him unless there is a very good explanation for not just what he meant, but why he said it the way he did.


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