Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why Catholics should apologize to gays

A different perspective.  At the end of the day, if you embrace a more progressive narrative, then you won't have a problem with  what Pope Francis said.  Catholics can do bad things.  Gays, as defined by their attractions, haven't always been treated the best.  Catholics can be sinners.  Many Catholics still cling to old notions of the issue, which apparently is wrong to do.  Therefore, like Pope John Paul II before him when he apologized for the cruelty and barbarism of the past, Pope Francis is apologizing for the hate, intolerance, and bigotry of the present.  With a similar apology thrown out to those poor that the Church apparently cares little about and women who have been oppressed just as much.

If you embrace a more traditional view, one that even goes so far as suggesting that many of the narratives, ideals, assumptions, conclusions, theories, strategies, morals, philosophies, theologies and doctrines of the last century or more are actually flawed, and no amount of changing, whittling away, shimmying along the edges, or bending the rules will help, then you're probably not too happy with what Pope Francis said.

The article itself is interesting, if for no other reason, because it's written by one of our modern unpeople that I wrote of here.  In this case, a self-identifying individual with same sex attraction, yet who rejects much of the modern narrative and Church attempts at accommodating that narrative.  It's worth the read, since it's a perspective you won't hear anywhere else, even on many Catholic sites that pride themselves on their full support and celebration of all things Francis.

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