Thursday, June 16, 2016

It is one thing to blaspheme the name of God among the Gentiles

It is quite another to join the Gentiles in blaspheming the name of God.  We officially have reached a new low in the ever growing tendency to throw our traditions out the window in the hopes that the modern world will like us, really, really like us.

That our secularized, godless modern society would produce people who mock the faithful for praying to God should not be shocking.  Nor should it be shocking that those same godless people who have replaced the True God with politics or whatever else they venerate would mock the idea of prayer as ineffective because, well, it doesn't align to their own religious priorities and beliefs about what really works. I sort of get that.

What is a disgrace, and should be called out by every believer in our nation - Catholic, Christian, or just Religious Faithful in general - are those believers who, for reasons I don't dare to guess, have joined the godless, the God haters, and the advocates for our modern pagan era of hate, debauchery, oppression and sin in mocking those who pray for the victims of the shooting due to differences in political opinions.  Truly they have done more than mocked God.  They have joined the godless and told them it is quite appropriate to mock God as long as it is for the right political agendas.

Oh, and don't for a minute think there is only one believer who is doing this. If that was the case, I'd drop the name.  The sad fact is I'm seeing more and more believers, mostly aligned with the progressive wing of our society, who are joining in with this idea that prayer's efficacy stops dead at the foot of the wrong political ideology.

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