Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Orlando Shooter update

Countering the transcripts of the Orlando shooter's rants and ravings in which he insists it's all about his devotion to ISIS, Allah, and anger at America's Middle Eastern policies, an individual who claims to have been his gay lover has come out and said not so fast.  According to him, who may or may not be Muslim himself, the shooter was really just outraged at gay Puerto Ricans because a former gay lover of the shooter, who was Puerto Rican, had HIV.  So for revenge, he went in and shot up the place.

OK, so from the top.  A sexually active gay Muslim of Afghani descent with possibly multiple gay lovers shoots up a gay nightclub filled mostly with Hispanic Americans while claiming he is doing it in the name of his Islamic faith and devotion to ISIS, but the real reason could have been revenge on the Puerto Rican gay community because his former Puerto Rican gay lover had HIV.

Whatever the case, we continue to tell ourselves it's all about guns and American homophobic bigotry and our culture of violence.  That's like trying to blame African Americans because the Mongol Fleet was destroyed on its way to invade Japan. Only the most wacked out racist would try to do such a thing.  And yet, it's the dominant narrative of our political and societal elites, at least insofar as blaming American Christians for the Orlando shooting goes.  Oy vey.  What can you do with a nation that not only proclaims squares to be round, but is quickly moving to punish and ostracize any who dare suggest otherwise?


  1. But but you used logic and LOGIC IS FROM THE PATRIARCHY said SJW

  2. I know. I've not seen anything like it. We've definitely passed a point somewhere.


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