Thursday, June 23, 2016

Greeting cards for all your same sex needs

It's funny, but you have to admit that most commercials still cater to the idea of Mom and Dad and 2.5 kids.  Some, particularly those promoting more tech and digital based companies and products, are squeaking in the odd same sex couple.  In the two instances I can think of, this consisted of two extraordinarily gorgeous young women in bed together or vacationing together with strong indicators that they are more than friends.  Otherwise, it's Mom and Dad most of the time.

Nonetheless, in certain areas we shouldn't be surprised that products and commercial offerings will begin to add special categories to the inventory just for that portion of the population that is well beneath 10%.  The always delightful Two Catholic Men and a Blog unpacks some logical implications of this development

The most obvious is that nations do not exist in a moral vacuum.  There is no real desire anyone has to live in a 'live and let live' society where we have to accept everyone and anything anyone says is right to them.  Nations survive based on absolute morality, absolute values, absolute ethics, and a society, if not a government, that exists to mandate conformity and punish rebellion.  The move to eventually make non-heterosexual, non-procreative sexuality the norm will not happen over night, but it will happen.  And it will be as universal as buying war bonds in the 1940s or preaching better dead than red in the 1950s.  More probably.  Because now the agencies that once challenged the war effort or the Red Scare are fully behind the post-gender sexual movement of the day.  

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