Thursday, June 23, 2016

Attention gun control Democrats

When you admit that the Orlando shooting was an Islamic terror attack, then we'll talk.  When you continue to have Muslims kill innocent Americans in the name of their faith and fealty to Islamic terrorist organizations, and yet insist there is no way to know their motives or no reason to look at Islamic terrorism, then my ears are shut.

That's because it is clear that you have not a whit of desire to actually solve the problems, protect Americans, or even reduce violence.  At worst, you are so deluded by your own feeling of intellectual and moral superiority that you believe your solutions alone bring salvation and once we follow your path all will be right with the world.  Which, in honesty, is not true and therefore a waste of everyone's time.  Especially since all of your effort to enact gun control will at best eliminate something that accounts to a minimal percentage of those killed by homicide and terrorist attack in a given year.

And that's the best we can say. The worst is that you are so drunk on your desire for power and dominion, that you posses a veritable libido dominandi, a desire to conquer and oppress all who stand before your vision of America, you therefore see these tragic massacres as convenient tools to exploit.  Humans for you are no longer beings made in God's imagine, but commodities to be used and discarded according to how they advance your political agendas.

So, from the top.  Admit that the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack was just that, and we can sit down and talk. I'm fine with considering sensible regulations or qualifications for gun rights. Otherwise, I can only conclude that I'll need to look elsewhere for people who really want to reduce violence and protect our citizens. After all, I'll have to assume that any concessions to your agendas will go far in future compromises to my liberties and freedoms, and accomplish practically nothing when it comes to protecting the innocent or reducing crime and violence.

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