Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Speaking of hate and bigotry

The Non-Black Lives Don't Matter movement has issued a statement blaming the Orlando shooting on - wait for it - White Supremacy.  Yeah, that's right.  I'll leave you to stop chuckling before we continue.

You see, the problem is that we're not done.  The Cold Civil War isn't over.  The Left still hasn't won and come to dominate here in the States.  It has ended in Europe, that's why there aren't many titanic clashes.  Oh sure, post-Christian liberalism is eating European civilization away as it literally aborts itself out of existence.  But it's not doing so with the same level of divisiveness we see here.

I get that there are divisions in Europe.  But as a whole, the verdict is in, and the result is secular liberalism.  That's a place most Europeans more than happily see themselves.  It took two world wars and one of history's worst genocides and a half century of living next to a Communist terror state, but Europe emerged from it all more or less accepting the premises of secular liberalism.

Here in the States, that's not the case.  Even though liberalism is making strides by leaps and bounds, it is still not universally embraced.  It isn't even a massive majority.  Younger generations are embracing it, but not all the way.  Young people accept post-rational gender abstraction, but are leery about the whole unfettered abortion culture.  Because there is no clear victor, the sides are in a bitter war, a Cold war, but bitter nonetheless.  Deny the culture war all you want, but it's there.  And it's raging.

So when 9/11 obliterated the happy liberal Multi-Cultural narrative of evil White Christians, beautiful non-White, Non-Christians, the Left had to step up to the plate and work overtime to convince us it's still about the civilization it truly hates.  The post-Iraqi conundrum we found ourselves in was easy.  It was Bush's fault.  But we can't blame ISIS on "American Policy" as easily since a liberal Democrat is president, and it happened under his watch.

As we're told to not care about Americans killed by terrorists as long as it isn't us, and we're told that things are getting better all the time in the world thanks to the omniscience of Barrack Obama and his infallible policies, each time something like this happens it creates a problem.  Because the Left knows the war is far from over, and theoretically the Left could still lose, decisive action must be taken.  So when the Orlando shooting happened, the worst terrorist attack since 9/11 on American soil, the latest under President Obama, because of a man clearly pledging allegiance to ISIS and his Islamic Faith, what did we decide to do?  Easy.  Toga!

Literally.  The response we're hearing from liberal leaders is every bit as sound and intellectually valid as Otter and Boon's solution.  A potentially gay, racist Muslim of Afghani descent who does nothing but pledge his undying devotion to Allah and ISIS and opens fire on an overwhelmingly Hispanic crowd in a gay bar, and it's White Supremacy?  It's American Conservatives?  It's Catholic homophobia?   Sorry everyone, but that's nothing else than saying Tom Robinson has to be guilty because, well, look at him.  It's bigotry.  And it shows that various groups, like Non-Black Lives Don't Matter, hate.  They hate us.  They hate an America they want to burn to the ground.  They hate historic Christianity.  They hate Christians.  They hate white people.  They hate, loath, despise.  And I'm not 100% sure that they would care if we all died tomorrow.  That last is speculation on my part, but I'd need to see some alternate behavior to convince me I'm too far from wrong.

Of course as Christians we pray for them.  Even if they declare themselves to be our enemy, we can do nothing else.  But it's worth remembering, as a former friend and college once pointed out, that though we must pray for our enemies, love our enemies, and do good for our enemies, at no point did Christ ever say that by doing so they would cease to be our enemies.

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