Tuesday, June 14, 2016

John C Wright cuts to the chase

And sends out a dose of reality in light of the Orlando shootings.  My only quibble is with the idea that folks won't vote for Trump because of the media.  No, it's because of Trump.  I generally ignore what the media says about Trump, both when they were giving him the spotlight to overshadow all other contenders, and now in order to tear him down.  I've watched the media do that for three election cycles: Lift up the candidate they hope the GOP will nominate (or at least ignore that candidate's gaffes), only to turn around and fire on that candidate once the nomination is secure.  So no, it's not the media spin that makes me refuse to support Trump.  It's Trump.  Among other reasons, I have a hard time voting for someone who does and says things that I would punish my sons for doing and saying.

Other than that, I think Mr. Wright hits it pretty square on the head.

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