Friday, June 10, 2016

The incomparable Ella Frech asks why Hollywood is behind the latest movement to eliminate unworthy people?

It makes me almost ashamed to watch movies.  We're so quick to condemn Hollywood for its racism back in the day.  For its sexism back in the day.  For its homophobia back in the day.  For its pro-American propaganda back in the day.  We still call it out for being racist, sexist, and anti-Muslim today.  Why do we look to Hollywood for any moral guidance?

Because at different times, it also stood for good ideals and virtues, even if it had to do so subtly.  And because sometimes it is just good.  Nonetheless, unlike times in the past when art and culture were against the status quo and all about progressive reform, Hollywood is now almost completely in bed with the modern, post-Christian, secular Left.  It is a propaganda arm for that movement more than it has been propaganda for anything at any other time, WWII included.

And the Left is all about weeding out the unwanted while promising the rest of us a Utopia of unlimited sex, drugs, and celebration of my awesomeness.  Many of us just walk by, missing the signs of the times, just like all the people in ages past who missed the signs of their times, and allowed us to have all those juicy tyrannies, wars, revolts and genocides to read about in history books.

But, thanks be to God, this brilliant spark of the divine steps up to ask why Hollywood, in its modern manifestation, seems to think that the best handicapped people are dead handicapped people.  And it's true.  And it's sad that one of those movies mentioned is by a pop-icon of modern conservatism.  A reminder that there is a branch of conservatism that embraces almost all of the post-Christian decadence, death and debauchery of the secular Left, but with an emphasis on strong military readiness and tons of money.

Well done young Ella Frech.  You are now officially one of my heroes.

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