Monday, January 4, 2016

The answer to the popularity of Donald Trump

Is here.  I know virtually nothing about the protesters in Oregon.  I don't know the case, the details of their complaints, or the detailed criticisms of their actions.  I'm a little nervous about people showing up to a situation like that because of what can happen.  But then, if the protesters are to be believed based on what I've heard so far, things are getting pretty bad for them already.  Not everyone embraces the post-modern notion that proclaims 'who cares?'.  But listening to interviews and listening to the folks speak for themselves, they seem to have a gripe and have said they want it resolved peacefully.

Thus, when Harry Read and the Left stumble over each other to jump out and label the group terrorists, it seems to fall flat.  Or at least it feels grossly premature, if not deliberately provocative.  And yet, from the modern, progressive view, the definition of hate, evil, murder, killing, bigotry and ignorance is not falling into line with progressive values.  And because it's clear this modern movement is willing to put its money where its mouth is, a growing number of people are looking for someone who will call this assault on American liberty, as well as Americans in general, for what it is.  And for all that Trump says and does, he does position himself between his followers and those who would dismiss those same followers as evil losers whose welfare is of little concern for the new world order.

Are they terrorists?  Based on what I've seen so far and what they've done and not done (like kill people), I don't think they are any more terrorists than the Non-White, Non-Hispanic, Non-Asian, Non-Native American Lives Matter protesters running about and calling for more dead cops.  I disagree and think they acted deplorably, but they weren't terrorists.  Likewise, I'm not thrilled with the actions being taken by this group in Oregon, but as of now, they are no more terrorists than Senate leaders who drop the term on fellow Americans a thousand times faster than they do on folks who actually do kill in the name of that religion we are not allowed to critique.


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