Thursday, January 7, 2016

Salon is all about skin color

And reminds me that white Americans are the most racist people in the world.  Really.  In that regard, Salon's long crusade to blame all white skins for the problems of the world is almost correct.  It's just that the racism Salon is thinking about isn't the issue.  It's the racism Salon, and others like it, practices.

That is, judging people by the color of their skins. Even if their skin happens to be white.  Yes, I'm afraid that white Americans, particularly those to the left of center, have less good to say about people who have white skin color than your average KKK rally has to say about people with darker skin color.

As my boy said years ago, the hip racism of the day is that you can always tell a racist by the color of his skin.  I loved that.   The sublimity of the verdict is beautiful.  Yet frightening.  Of course when white Americans blame whites, or white Americans, they typically mean [those] white Americans.

That is a phenomenon of the modern way.  Admit my demographic sucks.  Fine, no group is without sin, and confession is good for the soul.  Even if it is admitting I am part of something bigger that can be wrong at times.  But the sort you see on Salon, or other branches of the modern movement, goes beyond that.  It's a form of double self righteousness.

First, look how awesomely righteous I am for admitting my team is the stupid evil one.  Second, what I really mean is my team sucks because everyone else on my team is not as awesome as I am.  I have no doubt that the good folks at Salon, or other left wing organizations, don't see it that way.  But do you really think the contributors at Salon reckon themselves the same as those white folks they are accusing?  Do you think Mr. Pulver sees himself as no different than those white Americans he so easily condemns?  Perhaps he does, then I stand corrected.  But I have this gnawing, gut feeling that probably not.

Of course some of the contributions to Salon's racist crusade could be by people of other skin color. Which then makes you wonder how the charge of racism is not applicable.  My usual rule of thumb is that if you remove the name of one group and replace it with another, and conclude it is now evil, then it was evil to begin with.

If Salon comes out and says how 'Black America's fear of ....' and we would consider such a broad sweep nothing less than vile racism, my guess is that it's vile racism as currently presented.

Evil.  Avoid it.  Even if it is the socially sanctioned evil of the latest, hippest cultural leaders who get invited to all the great parties.

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