Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Liberalism means censorship

I'm not a fan of trolling the Internet to find obscure stories in order to tarnish the reputation of a group of people.  But with modern 'liberalism' (and boy do I use that term loosely), censorship is all the rage.  I mean, there is no attempt at this point to hide it.  In some cases, in response to the outward attacks on Political Correctness spurred on by Donald Trump, many on the Left have attempted to redefine the term.  Why it is isn't censorship, it's just civility.  You know, common decency.

The problem is, those saying it's just civility define civility and common decency by labeling anyone who doesn't conform to liberalism's dogmas as hate mongering bigots, racists, sexists and homophobic idiots.  And as the above story demonstrates, increasingly they have no problem admitting that anything outside of their defined terms of civility should be banned, censored, eradicated, oppressed.

So once again, we understand why non-liberals are highly suspicious of liberalism.  Even if the goal is for such noble endeavors as helping the poor, or equality, or just ending rancor, most on the Right can't help but be suspicious.  Not that those on the Left aren't sincere in their desires to do such things.  It's that those on the Left see such things as indisputable, as only able to be accomplished by the Left's ideals, and those who don't agree are obviously evil and stupid, deserving the censorship and punishment that they get.

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  1. Well they are right... to a point. In that political correctness is what happens to a society's civility when the devil gets a hold of it and corrupts it. Indeed much of the issue with today's liberals seems to be Christian morals with God kicked out and the Devil let loose to play with them.


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