Saturday, January 9, 2016

John C. Wright nails the Marxist inspired Left

Yep.  The right and left bower of liberalism are critical theory and political correctness.  That is, brutally and mercilessly attacking and condemning everything about the Christian West and its bastard child the United States of America.  I mean, constantly.  I can't go a week without being reminded of Jim Crow, Dred Scott, the Trail of Tears, the KKK, the Interment camps of WWII (Japanese only), segregation, slavery, racism, sexism, religious intolerance, the A-Bombs, anti-immigration, and American imperialism.  Hence my boy's question after taking fifth grade American history: Daddy, was America ever a good country?

The other bower is political correctness.  That's what you have to call thought control and censorship to get a generation of college educated idiots to think those things are good for the nation.  Really.  How do you take the most educated generation in human history that was raised in a nation founded on freedom and liberty and convince them that it is a good thing that people be punished, ruined and even jailed for their speech, religion or beliefs?  Dumb generation.

Now Mr. Wright, who has more valuable things to say in a day than I can muster in a month, does miss one thing.  And that's the third rail of the Marxist inspired secular liberalism of the day.  That is the promise of debauchery and decadence as a viable lifestyle.  Which explains the importance of abortion. Where would the sex and drugs culture be without that safety net?  And where would a movement based on self-proclaimed morally and intellectually superior inquisitors controlling our lives and punishing our beliefs be without the dangling carrot of getting high and getting laid?

But on the whole, his piece hits almost every mile marker in the growth of this movement and the corresponding loss of not only our Christian heritage, bu the ideas of liberty and equality that leftists themselves insist had nothing to do with the Christian heritage in the first place.

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