Thursday, January 7, 2016

How not to be a pro life Catholic

Or so I was told back when Osama Bin Laden was killed. Turns out, we were told by the best internet authorities, anyone who does anything other than pray for the soul of the deceased is a partisan hack who cares less for Holy Mother Church and its teaching on the Sanctity of life than their wretched political ideologies.  

OK, fair enough.  Christians should shoot higher.  Got it.  But then, having drawn the line in the sand between disgraces to the Catholic Faith and us awesome examples of Catholic purity, it is doubly unseemly to go a step further and not cheer the death of someone, but instead exploit that death to ramrod your agendas and build on your contempt for others. Thus:

The link to Mark's Facebook page is here.  The article from the always credible RawStory is here.  Again, if you throw around 'not authentically pro-life' like so many nickles and dimes in order to beat down anyone who disagrees with you, at least have the common decency to live by the same standards.


  1. Always love how these idiots (yeah, Shea is an idiot - his brain rot is getting so bad I'm starting to wonder how anyone ever took him seriously) end up posting stuff that proves "gun nuts" right.

    Like in this case. What if - just what if - someone in the apartment building had been armed and shot back at the guy?

    Oh and this is even funnier. FROM THE STORY:

    The Record Spotlight reported that the man identified on a search warrant at the apartment had prior felony convictions — which would have prevented him from legally owning a gun.

    Yes, according to this, HE WAS BREAKING EXISTING GUN LAWS!

    But please, Mark, tell me how Obama's executive action is going to prevent it this time. Do tell.

  2. It's things like that. I'm the first to say if a law that doesn't violate the 2nd Amendment, and could be shown to help reduce gun violence was proposed, I'd certainly consider it. Heck, I'll consider anything. There is no harm or foul there. But those pushing for these things consistently trip up their own arguments. Background checks for criminals? OK. But not from people who act like by virtue of disagreeing I might well be one of those criminals.

  3. BTW, Dan and Mark are piling up on me on his Facebook page. Not really arguing the case as much as just tossing juvenile barbs back and forth at my - and anyone who disagrees with Mark and Obama - expense. But then, what can they do when despite Mark's lofty 'no death deserves anything but prayer' he is now leading the modern charge that human life and death is only important to advance gun control, as opposed to being important or even - gasp - using it if we must to look at the bigger problems.

  4. Hi Dave, Just came across your blog today and have read a lot of your writing and have enjoyed it. I am frankly tired of Mark Shea and his ramblings about every Republican being horrible and his making excuses for Democrats like Obama. Shea uses some of the nastiest terms to describe all Republicans but gets upset that anyone would even dare question Obama. Glad that someone is calling him out on it. Keep up the good work.

  5. Welcome CL! Thanks for the kind words. My beef with Mark isn't that he is liberal. Most Catholics I know are left of center and I am found of them. I disagree with them and where they want the Church to go, but on the whole they are honest about it. But Mark, one of the most vocal advocates for Catholic liberalism on the Net, continues to insist he's just a conservative at heart. That's like the fellow who insists he's a devout Catholic who then explains how evil and wicked and wrong the Church has always been. The other issue is that he uses the very tactics they he has always (rightly) condemned. If it's wrong when others do it, chances are it's wrong when you do it, even if the high purpose is to trash conservatives.

  6. I think you used the analogy about being an Ohio State fan but always wearing Michigan stuff. That is what I see in Mark Shea. I do not dislike liberals but I do not take people seriously who claim to be Ohio State fans when they wear nothing but Michigan stuff and tell me how great Michigan is.


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