Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Well said Russ Moore

I give ol'Russ grief for finally coming around to where many of us were back in our seminary days.  He was clever enough to wait until he was more than just some schmuck student to state the obvious: that many in the Religious Right had become too political.

Nonetheless, right is right, and laborers in the vineyard at the eleventh hour an all.  His strange sort of fealty to some conservative traditions while taking off the gloves and going after Trump, and also embracing many of the progressive interpretations of our history, has given him a voice where most Southern Baptists have never gone. 

This is why he has found quite a following among many post-Conservative Christians, including those in the New Pro Life Movement who sound strangely liberal, except for being against abortion itself.  To square that circle, they typically accept the pro-abortion rights template that abortion only exists because innocent women are forced to have abortions by evil, rapist men and Capitalism. 

And what do they think about those who disagree with their political allegiance to the Left, yet oppose abortion?  Easy.  Those old time pro-lifers only care about babies before they are born - if then.  Once they're born?  Bah.  They don't care for mothers or children or families or anything.  They really don't care about abortion.  They just use babies as human shields for their vile greed and racism and desire to increase human slaughter through war and death penalties and all that jazz.  Classic pro-choice rhetoric 101.

So Russ sets the record straight.  Well done.  It's one of the travesties of our age to see so many millions who have given through blood, sweat, industry and tears to help children, women, families and the unborn besmirched and slandered by those who are trying to shove the square peg of the Gospel into the round hole of the political Left with all its manifold blasphemies and heresies, infanticide and tyranny.

Perhaps those who see Russ as kindred spirit in their march toward the progressive cliff will actually heed his words, even when not convenient.

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