Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Even the national press is taking notice of Jordan Peterson

Or at least the train wreck that was British journalist Cathy Newman who interviewed him recently.  In what can only be described as a classic case of 'why don't you admit you're the stereotype I think you are', the entire mess was just her trying to make Peterson somehow live up to her contempt and loathing for his non-liberal viewpoints.

The transcript makes for more hilarious reading than when you actually hear the interview. John C Wright's little parlor game could easily be turned into a drinking game, whereby you take a chug every time she tries to shove into Peterson's mouth things he has not said.  You'd be drunk on the floor in the first ten minutes.

Now the thing is, this is SOP among the press and has been for years.  It's just that most non-leftists in recent years either become frazzled and end up saying something that could be twisted about, or otherwise are unable to rebuke the journalist's assault in a way that doesn't conform to the leftist narrative. 

Peterson, on the other hand, was calm and collected, never losing his cool, and using actual data and appeals to evidence against her vapid and shallow leftist narratives.  When even The Atlantic is taking notice of the obvious problem (though would that The Atlantic admit it isn't confined to the good Brit interviewer in question, or Fox News, or even internet Trolls at Patheos who often write a lot like Ms. Newman), you know something is amiss. It also shows that our modern problems relative to 'fake news' and social media are not confined to social media.

Bonus: The Atlantic even notices the most hilarious part, that Newman chastises Peterson for being a controversialist, when in fact that is what she spends the entire interview being herself.


  1. She meant to destroy him but ended taking him from youtube to mainstream, at least in the UK.

    1. What's worse is that her approach is hardly unique in modern discourse.


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