Friday, January 26, 2018

From elation to deflation

Ouch.  In a finish to beat all finishes, Ohio State struggled back from a 13 pt deficit to tie the game with only 5 seconds left.  Then, before the fans could return to their seats after the explosion of cheers, Penn State made a buzzer beater 3 pointer and won the game.  It all happened so fast, some of us were in mid cheer when Penn State won.

What a finish.  That is what sports is all about.  Team work.  Never giving up.  Giving it all up to the last second.  Ohio State's Keita Bates-Diop hit the game tying 3 pointer, despite being sick and under the four fouls.  And for about 4 seconds, Ohio State believed we would extend our winning streak.

Ohio State was favored, but this was supposed to be a rebuilding year.   When coach Thad Matta was let go last year, after a string of sub par seasons and a crumbling program - he himself was struggling with health and other issues - most didn't have faith in OSU basketball in the upcoming years.

Then OSU hired Chris Holtmann, a name few knew, and fans were willing to give him a couple years to turn things around.  And what happened next?  They call him the Buckeye whisperer.  In his first season, he came out and slammed a massive wining streak including being undefeated in the Big Ten up to this point, with only weeks left in the regular season.  A feat not often achieved.

There is no real star, save perhaps Bates-Diop.  It's simply a team with a coach who knows how to use the talent.  Whether OSU can make the playoffs or not remains to be seen.  But it's been a season beyond anything OSU fans expected, and for that, as well as making last night's game one to remember, we have much to cheer about. 


  1. College basketball always seems to have more drama than the professional kind.

    1. Anymore, I find that college [fill in the blank with your favorite sport] has more drama and is more interesting than the professional versions.


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