Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Trump is healthy, media melts down

Here, you can feel the rage in CNN's story, almost mocking the doctor in the first lines.  Leftist lackey Stephen Colbert, responsible for suggesting to the world that fealty to the sex, drugs and abortion culture is in no way incompatible with devout Catholic living, invokes the VRWC* principle

It's what Trump supporters see that is the problem.   I do fear that conservatives might sell out some of their own principles in order to support Trump against the clear and obvious enemy.  Nonetheless, enemy of freedom, liberty, faith and justice it remains. 

As for me?  I'm glad the president is healthy.  I don't wish ill health on anyone.  And as one who lived through the hell pit of Alzheimer's disease with my Dad, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.  That so many in the press, leftist political world, and even Christian liberals clearly pine for the day when Trump is declared early onset, to me is a grave and intrinsic evil right there.

*Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

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