Monday, January 8, 2018

What is an authoritarian?

So I was informed that Mark Shea has - you might want to sit down for this - posted a piece blasting President Trump.  I know.  That's like being shocked that Rush Limbaugh criticized Bill Clinton.

Anyway, Mark called Trump an authoritarian.  Mark has also mocked those who were concerned about Obama's encroachment on freedom and liberty.  Let's compare.

Please let me know what Trump has done that is in the manner of an authoritarian leader.  I'm not saying he hasn't, I just don't know of any legislation or executive orders that compromise the liberties and freedoms of American citizens.  Just saying he doesn't support the policies of liberal Democrats doesn't count.

Obama?  Here are a few:
  • The HHS mandate, otherwise known as 'to hell with religious conscience, I want free contraceptives.'  A major step backwards for religious freedom in America.
  • Supporting the persecution of business owners and government workers who don't jump on the gay marriage bandwagon.  Again, a major step in the eradication of the right to not be liberal in America.
  • Threatening to pull government funding from schools over the Transgender bathroom access issue.  With no appeal to legislative process or the US Congress, Obama once again took pen and phone in hand, declared the moral absolute, and moved to use his power as executive to threaten the funding of or children's education if schools failed to conform to liberal morality.  The best example of authoritarian thinking: he declares a moral absolute, then circumventing the legislative process, threatens the educational well being of our children if we don't comply.
So, give me some Trump examples.  We'll see.   At best we can say that Trump is every bit the authoritarian that Obama was.  And that certainly would not be good.

But only a fool would call Trump an authoritarian and yet turn on a dime and mock those who saw the same in Obama.  A fool, or a partisan.  A partisan fool, of course, as good as always.


  1. Mark is just trying his best to get Trump re-elected. I just wish the left would realize that the hysteria just makes the man more sympathetic.

    1. That is so true. Regarding the psychiatrists running out and basically committing a breach of medical ethics by using their capacity as mental health professionals to torpedo him. Or Joe Scarborough actually using Trump's family's medical history against him, that's the stuff that builds sympathy for anyone. When the mental health diagnosis came out, even MSNBC had a round-table saying it was bad and would build sympathy for Trump.


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