Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Protesting America

Is like yelling at your loving, wealthy parents.  You don't lose much.  Protest Nazi Germany, the USSR, Communist Cuba, the Khmer Rouge, Communist China?  Now that's guts.  I tip my hat.  Even protesting America at its worst, such as African Americans fighting segregation, or LGBT fighting for their rights, were up against a country that came nowhere close to the worst nations of history.

So those who boldly flip the bird to the country, from the comfort of their seats at high end sporting events, or on the field while collecting their million dollar salaries in the most prosperous and free nation in history, are a bit like the rich brats who spend their days hating their parents - but not so much that they move out of their mansions and penthouses.

Of course they can always say they're just trying to make America a better country, and that gets you off the hook when someone suggest going to a different country and living out their principles.  But I remain suspicious.

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