Monday, January 22, 2018

Give Mark Shea credit where credit is due

He has removed a repugnant and thoroughly anti-Christian post from earlier.  Too late perhaps, but at least he did it

Mark declared that he would have no pity upon Steve Bannon.  Stop.  Right there was all you need to know.  Anyone with a grain of Christian understanding could see the glaring problem.  Even Hitler can be prayed for, and repentance hoped for in the case of Osama bin Ladin.  Ours is a Faith thick with the mandate to forgive.

This is a Christian distinctive.  Few other faiths or philosophies mandate forgiveness in such a way.  A polite suggestion perhaps, but not a command.  Hence the problem with Identity Politics, which rests heavily on fomenting resentment and vindictiveness over past and present wrongs.  There is no room for forgiveness, reconciliation, mercy, pity.  There is resentment and bitterness, hatred and contempt. 

Christians who move about in that particular movement would do well to remember this ugly little fact. 

Whether he connects the removed post with his recent inclinations I don't know.  But Mark saw the clear and obvious affront to the Christian witness that he had posted and removed it.  What's more, he has admitted why and asked forgiveness.  It's up to Mr. Bannon to forgive, but we can certainly do the right and Christian thing and give credit where it is due.

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