Tuesday, January 2, 2018

According to CBS there is no hatred in America

That isn't white.  Well, one example was a black, anti-white group.  The token black hate group I guess you'd say.   Bonus if you noticed the BAIR (Bureau of American Islamic Relations) as a hate group for, among other things, opposing CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations).  CAIR would be the group that praised Bernie Sanders for saying that Christians who hold to historic understandings of Christ and salvation have no business serving in our government.  That, apparently, is not hate to CBS.  Opposing the group that says that, however, is.

Double bonus if you notice that in every case, those in the pictures are white.  Even in such things as anti-immigration and anti-Muslim - where I personally know people of various ethnic backgrounds who are zealous in their opposition to open immigration or the downplaying of Islamic terrorism - those pictured are white.  The same for the anti-LGBT groups lumped together as hate, given the numbers of non-whites who oppose various agendas of the LGBTQ movement.  It's almost like only white people are capable of  hate.  Except for the token black hate group.

When liberalism replaced black Americans with WASPs as the demographic to oppose, it took all that was once aimed at African Americans and turned it on White, Anglo-Saxon Christians (initially Protestant, but all Christians will do).  It now treats White, European and American Christians in the same way that black Americans were once treated.  Or at least seems intent on getting our nation to that point.  Those willing to compromise the Faith to fit in with the latest incarnation of progress will be given a pass - until the next development demands further compromise.

With the growing tendency of defining hate as anything that isn't liberal values, and pushing to limit and eliminate those things termed hateful, it's not hard to see where it will go.  There is a reason that, in the 90s and early 00s, there was significant opposition to the notion of 'hate crimes' and 'hate speech.'  Far too subjective, far too vague.  Now we're seeing the fruits that the tree of shortsightedness has produced.  And with the White Christian Western tradition being in the cross hairs, expect the Left to broaden 'hate' to be anything not liberal on a growing list of topics, with the corresponding reliance on the State to eliminate such hate from society.

In other words, use the power of the state to do what every Leftist revolution of the 20th century did, and that's eliminate all who fail to conform.  In the name of tolerance and diversity of course.

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