Monday, January 29, 2018

#MeToo (Whenever convenient)

Donald Trump could not have won if he ran as a Democrat.  The country simply wasn't ready for a man with so much baggage, even if he epitomized everything we've become as a nation.

The problem was, he ran as a Republican.  That left, well, the Left to be his biggest critics.  And boy did those criticisms ring hollow.  Why?  Because it was the Left making the most noise.

And what is the Left?  A movement that is Marxist based and Bolshevik driven.  It seeks its own place as the center of the world to the exclusion of any other conceivable priority.   Which makes it just like just about every other Leftist political movement of the last century.

To that end, it has gladly thrown women, minorities, Blacks, religion, the poor or anyone under the bus when needed.   For years, women accused Bill Clinton not of having an affair, but of sexually harassing and assaulting them.  And those women were skinned alive by the press and Clinton's supporters, both in and outside of the White House.  It's likely no coincidence that many of the stories of women harassed by men of power come from the 90s and early 00s.

Women in other cases were also brutalized.  Sarah Palin, her daughter, Michele Bachmann, Condoleezza Rice were all ripped apart (with Rice getting a few racially suggestive digs thrown in for good measure).  Women concerned about men exploiting the slipshod Transgender bathroom laws were equally thrown to the wolves and called the homophobic bitches they obviously were.

Of course other groups will get it, too.   Blacks such as Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain and Ben Carson got their share of racial stereotypes thrown their way.  Anti-Jewish propaganda against Joe Lieberman and in the movement to eradicate circumcision was not uncommon.  And let's not forget the time in which Hispanic American George Zimmerman suddenly became White because, well, it helped keep the Media's lust for racial disharmony alive.

All of this is to say that the Left gives scant little evidence that it actually cares about such things as poor, immigrants, minorities or even women who were suddenly important because 'Trump!'.  When convenient, sure.  But otherwise?  Not so much.

It certainly shouldn't be surprising that Hillary Clinton, who held the cloaks of those who ripped Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers and any other women in the way of Bill Clinton's libido did the same during her 2008 campaign.

But then, it shouldn't' be surprising that a picture has surfaced of Barrack Obama with well known racist hate group The Nation of Islam and its leader Louis Farrakhan.  Again, the Left abhors things like antisemitism and racism - when convenient.  When not?  That's when even Blacks, who should be the most sensitive to such things as racist hatred, suddenly become willing accomplices in keeping it alive.  Because, again, the only thing that matters to the Left is that it is convenient to the Left.

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