Wednesday, January 31, 2018

When Leftists heart Ethnic cleansing

Over the years I've learned that the Left is all about censorship, judgmentalism, self-righteousness, absolute truths, absolute values, legislating morality, excusing violence, physical assault, and even hatred based on nationalism, ethnicity, religion or gender.

The trick is, like jumping on a moving merry-go-round, you have to know when to grab the picthfork and charge at the right group for the right reason.  Hating on Americans because they have white skin is currently all the rage.  If those white Americans have penises, that's a bonus.  As white-as-a-sheet-sale Michael Moore makes clear.  We need to 'cleanse' privilege of white men, he says.  Note the term: Cleanse.  As in cleansing something based on race, gender or national identity. After the 20th century, you'd think that word would forever be banished from being applied to a people group.  You'd think.

Embracing the Quisling approach, modern Liberals are all about crushing their own demographics.  I've heard it called Demographic masochism, and Demographic flagellation.

I'm not sure, but I don't think it has a historical parallel.  I believe this is the first time there was a movement in which people went down the checklist, found every identifying characteristic of a demographic with which they identified, and then declared that demographic irredeemably deplorable and worthy of eradication, or at least relegation to second class status.

I have no clue why.  Perhaps, like all the liberal men who were assaulting women while decrying men as sexists, it could be a case of projection.  That is, perhaps nobody loves their White Privilege more than White liberals, and this is their cover.  Just like I sometimes wonder if liberals' anger at racism is a matter of projection. 

Maybe it's a variation on the old Pharisee's prayer: Thank you Lord that you didn't make me like whoever else is part of my demographic.  They assume that if everyone else in the old demographic is crushed, they will be let alone because of their purity and superiority compared to everyone else in their group.

Or it just might be the old St. Saruman tactic.  Seeing the inevitable death of the Western Christian tradition, they're willing to jump ship and help any rising power to exterminate all who aren't as perfectly servile as they are.  Given the Left's willingness to go after women, Blacks, minorities and other 'protected classes' when those classes run afoul of the Left, that certainly makes sense.

I don't know.  I just know it's a strange development, and one that's tough to deal with.

Oh, and if you think I'm being a bit over the top with the 'ethnic cleansing' dig, just imagine someone using the same terminology regarding Jewish, Black, Muslim or other non-white groups.   In that case, I would agree with the outrage.  I'm saddened by how few on the Left are saddened by it used in this case.


  1. Since when is the Left about either absolute truths or absolute values? The only thing the left is absolute about is Relativism. That's why they'll permanently ally with Eurasia against Eastasia yesterday, and with Eastasia against Eurasia tomorrow. Because the only truth of value is the war itself.

    1. I'd say tell the Left that gay marriage is wrong, or that abortion shouldn't be allowed, and you'll find out how absolute their values are soon enough.

  2. You're making my point. You and I are the ones with absolute values. (gay marriage and abortion are wrong and shouldn't be allowed). The thoughtful leftist (rare as a unicorn --so let me revise that) the clever leftist says that gay marriage and/or abortion are wrong for you or for me, but not for other people. The typical emotive leftist finds your lack of nuance disturbing and demands to know why you hate women and gays. But it's your absolutism, your belief that right is right and wrong is wrong, that they hate absolutely.

    Apologies for the delayed reply.

    1. I often point that out when people throw it back that Conservatives said things like right and wrong and what should and shouldn't be allowed. I remind them that Conservatives were not the ones that made it into the debate by promising a world of no morals or truths where everyone could make their own realities of tolerance and respecting everyone's views.


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