Monday, January 22, 2018

Fear Men

The basic mantra of the emerging Alt-Feminist movement.  See here.  Note the term Sexual Terrorism.  Expect to hear more of it.  Women, of course, continue to be godlike in their moral and intellectual purity, totally honest, innocent, and devoid of any responsibility for their actions.  Men are rapist thugs.  That is all.

Now, where was all this terror and fear back when women said they were worried about men exploiting the Transgender bathroom laws?  All I remember was silence - at best. 

This isn't to downplay actual rape or sexual assault, or even boorish sexual behavior.  It is to say it would be nice to hear women, especially in Hollywood, say they are sorry for playing up and celebrating the whole T&A culture so many embraced for the last few generations.  Even a teensy bit of accountability goes a long way.

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