Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Doesn't this prove immigration opponents aren't racist?

So there is a troubling story about a doctor from Poland who might be facing deportation.  Mark Shea already rushes in with noose and gallows in hand, condemning all who disagree with his leftist political narrative.

It seems sketchy, and another case where government can do more damage than good.  Hence the reluctance to put all of our eggs into the government basket when it comes to things like healthcare.  I hope if the man in question has done right by being here legally that nothing comes back and hurts him.  There is no joy in an innocent man harmed by the bureaucratic foibles of the government.

Nonetheless, I also notice that the man is quite white.  One of the templates of the Left is that to not be Leftist is to be racist.  So the whole immigration problem is driven by White Americans in Red States who hate immigrants because immigrants have dark skin.

Of course this ignores things like African Americans who oppose open borders, or legal immigrants who resent those who came here illegally and flaunted the laws they obeyed.  It's a simplistic bumper sticker based on preemptive accusation and slander, but it's effective. 

And yet, if Mark is correct, and even now Trumpsters and Christianists are rejoicing with great joy that an innocent man might be destroyed, doesn't that suggest they are at least not in it for the racism?  Perhaps they are also against Polish people, too.  When you assume sin and guilt in those who disagree with you, I suppose the sky is the limit.

For my part, showing me where the Trumpsters and Christianists are cheering would help, then I could see if they really are loving it because of racism, or anti-Polish sentiment, or something.  As it stands, when you  make a generic accusation against a vaguely defined group of people with no real evidence, it's doggedly difficult to show you are wrong. 

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