Monday, January 15, 2018

Donald Trump as Randle McMurphy

And the Left as Nurse Ratched and the Institution.

Yep.  One of the great modern hypocrisies is that the Left, which spent decades and generations mocking and tearing down the very notion of common decency, now invokes the idea of common decency to attack Trump.

If people haven't figured it out, most who support Trump are merely happy that someone is using all the dirty tricks, lies and cheats that the Left has used on them.  Just as the Left exploded at Rush Limbaugh for doing what SNL, HBO, the Daytime Talk Shows, Academics and Hollywood in general had done to traditional, conservative America for decades.  So Trump, in the presidency, is simply attacking the Left with everything that the broad, institutionalized Left, has used for years.

It might not be pretty.  Trump, being Trump, will do and say things that anyone with a common sense of decency should find offensive.  But here's the thing.  Only those conservatives who have clung to the idea of common decency have a right to be offended.  Those on the Left who have essentially pissed all over the notion can't simply turn on a dime and insist we have to have decency because, all of a sudden, it's convenient.

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