Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Dear News Media

Don't mock Trump over his tweet about Global Warming in light of our record cold snaps, when last year you trotted out individuals linking heat waves in the Western United States to Global Warming.

In fairness, most actual climate scientists came out and seemed to balk at the press's attempt to link the record heat waves in the Southwest to Global Warming.  They did the same when the press not so subtly tried to make last year's hurricane season about Global Warming.

In short, to hear actual scientists talk, and see how the national and international press was attempting to frame these stories, it sounded like the press was engaged in a bit of 'fake news.'

So when the press, however subtly or not, tries to suggest 'look everyone, it's real hot in New Mexico, so GLOBAL WARMING!', then it shouldn't be upset when Trump looks out his window at record freezes and suggests their attempt to frame the debate around this or that weather phenomenon might be wanting.  After all, you can't look out one window and say 'That proves Global Warming!', and then turn on a dime and tell someone looking out another window that it's just weather, and doesn't prove anything about Global Warming.

I've often said the worst thing about Trump is that as bad as he is, he's no worse than the society we've made.  And that includes the national media in spades.  There's almost nothing Trump does or says that you can't find done (and celebrated) among his political and national opponents.

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