Friday, January 12, 2018

No excuse

There is no excuse for what President Trump said about people from Haiti and Africa.  Assuming the reports are true - and as of last time I checked, the White House is not denying them - what President Trump said about them is completely unacceptable on a human, much less Christian, scale.

Some of my dearest friends from my ministry days are from Africa.  One of the best friends we have made among Catholic priests is a firebrand from West Africa.  They are well aware of the shortcomings of their home countries.  Most don't blame one thing or another.  They don't say it's all the West's fault.  They admit where Islam is a threat.  They understand the blessings we have, but also bemoan the waste that we produce in our consumerism.

But they are people.  And that is their home.  With few exceptions, they return to their homes once they receive whatever education and/or training they receive.  Because they love their homes.  They love their homes, their people, their families.  This is what they have.

I have news for you.  Compared to Trump Tower and all of his other properties.  I live in a s**thole.  And that's the underlying, glaring problem eating away at Trump.  It always has been.  Sure, he's helping us now.  Sure, the little guy might benefit.  But what exactly does Trump think of all the little people living in s**tholes in this country?  There's a reason we're called to be impartial.  It does wonders for trust.

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